Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Angaza Afrika - African Art Now

“Africa is as much a global phenomenon as a continent.” Chris Spring

Untitled - Mohamed Omer Bushara - 2008
We are delighted to be working with Chris Spring from the British Museum to bring some images from his excellent book on African contemporary art to our monthly events.

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'Author Chris Spring, curator of the African galleries at the British Museum, has selected 60 thoughtful and creative contemporary artists working now not only in Africa, but also Europe and North and South America, including the Caribbean. Their work challenges our preconceived notions of Africa and its art on many levels'. 

Check the October Gallery for information and images from their exhibition

Angaza Afrika: African Art Now by Chris Spring, published by Laurence King (paperback, 350 colour illustrations, 336 pages ISBN 13: 978-1-85669-548-0).

Market Club 20/02/2011

Lake of Stars are pleased to announce that our first Market Club event last Sunday was a huge success. 

Many market stalls turned up to sell everything from clothing to CD’s to custom-made bowls. Fenchurch, Fabric and Frockney Rebel all set up stalls, and those were only the ones that begin with ‘F’.
The event officially got underway as our compere Ray took to the stage to introduce Mikel and George. At only 15 and 14 respectively, they were recommended by the English Table Tennis Association to give a table tennis demo and show the attendees how it’s done. 

We managed to speak to the boys after their losing to their opponents, albeit with mini-bats, to get the lowdown on how they got involved with table tennis. They’ve only been playing for a couple of years and were pretty inexperienced in playing with tiny bats.

 Our first live act of the day was Sam Sallon who gave the audience a helping of his plaintive acoustic sound and in the end was encouraged to play an encore by the enthusiastic crowd. We spoke to Sam afterwards and he even performed a song for us, making it the very first Market Club Session track:

After some further table tennis action, Scubaroots stepped up to play their laid back reggae on a Sunday afternoon.  

Their music perfectly suited the atmosphere but we were lucky enough to get an interview with them later and they told us that they have been known to play a lot heavier material and their album Babylon Pharmacy even contains some Drum ‘n’ Bass. Check out our interview with them below:

 The final stage of the day was to play the ‘Round-the-Table’ game umpired by the Young Offender’s Institute clubnight. The rules are simple. Each participant gets a bat and two wristbands. When running around the table every time they lose a point, they lose a wristband until only one player remains. The game continued this way for the rest of the night whilst the DJ’s played on.

By the end of the day, many of the stalls had made a great profit from Market Club and we spoke to some of them to see how their day had gone:

If you missed out on the event, worry not, Market Club will return next month on March 20th. Click here for the event: